Recruiting Facts

From 2016:

In a Competitive hiring market, recruiters are facing a talent shortage so the approach must be comprehensive to assist with higher employee retention.  EA pays extra attention to the employee as a whole, not just skills.

Recruiting Facts - Talent Shortage 2016

Key Takeaways:

The market is healthy — meaning more hiring for more companies.

  • 69% of recruiters reported that their company’s hiring has increased in the past year.
  • 86% of recruiters don’t anticipate their companies making layoffs in the next
    12 months. To hire the best people,
    recruiters are changing their ways, see below.

Recruiting Facts - Talent hiring 2016

Recruiting Facts - Culture fit 2016

To hire the best people, the approach needs to change.

  • 60% of recruiters rate culture fit of highest importance when making a hiring decision.  At EA, the process and focus are to find a well-rounded candidate.
  • Both classic and new-fashioned benefits help get candidates in the door.  At EA, considering the candidates needs are a part of the process. 
  • 78% of recruiters cite enthusiasm as most likely to influence a hiring decision after an initial in-person interview, followed by command of requirements (76%) and conversation skills (73%).  At EA, ensuring that charisma and intellect are inherent in the candidate, a thorough, personal  approach is applied.

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