Q & A

Q – When does one employ Exceptional Admins (EA)?

CoffeeAt the moment when an executive realizes he or she needs help.  When a busy executive daydreams about transferring 30-40% of their workload to a fully capable individual giving them more bandwidth to assume more productive tasks – that’s when it’s time to connect over coffee/tea.


Q – How does the EA process unfold?

Coffee..The beginning steps are non-committal.  During the meeting, both the Executive (plus others, if necessary) and Hilani talk over the current and future tasks needing support. It’s during that initial interaction that the business relationship either moves forward with a placement or a professional “Best Wishes” handshake is exchanged.

Q – What’s the fee?

ContractUnlike traditional recruiters, EA charges a flat service fee.  In charging a flat fee, the salary bargaining discussion becomes real vs. sales driven.  A legal contract binds both parties, and the search for a well-rounded candidate begins.

Q – How long after signing a contract does a candidate start?

CandidatesIt’s wise to remember patience is always the answer.  The approach and process EA applies in finding candidates results in higher employee retention.  The average closing of a placement is four to six weeks. (This includes the professional 2-week notice a candidate would provide their current employer, if employed.)

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